At Harris Combative Strategies, we offer a diverse curriculum of personal defense training with instruction on several firearm platforms, edged weapons, empty-hand skills, and emergency first aid. Based in the Chattanooga area, Harris Combative locally serves all of middle and east Tennessee as well as northwest Georgia and northeast Alabama.


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Handgun Training

We offer several courses geared towards honing defensive skills with a handgun, with everything from technical precision marksmanship to integrated force on force. Current offerings include Primary Pistol Skills, Alternative Indexing Methods, Low Light Environments, and our popular Snubnose Seminar, just to name a few. Please visit our classes page

Rifles & Shotguns

At Harris Combative, we’re not just limited to handgun training. Our Real World Rifle and Real World Shotgun skill-builders are great opportunities to hone your long gun skills for practical defensive applications. Please visit our classes page to learn more about available rifle and shotgun training. We look forward to

Knife Training

Long before firearms were invented, human beings fed their families and defended themselves with edged weapons. At Harris Combative Strategies, we respect the long history and nuance of this ancient art form. Our knife training curriculum perfectly balances timeless techniques and modern applications. Please visit our classes page to learn

Empty Hand

Even the greatest gunfighter should have the basic hand-to-hand skills required to fend off a close-quarters attack. Whether more lethal defensive tools are legally unwarranted or physically inaccessible, our empty-hand training will help you stay in the fight even when armed with only your fists. Please visit our classes page

Trauma Care

The chances of you needing basic medical skills are far greater than the chances of you ever needing your gun. Even if you have no interest in firearms, every responsible adult should have the knowledge, skills, and basic equipment to tend to common traumatic injuries until the paramedics arrive. Please

More Training

Looking for more training opportunities? Consider joining the TN/AL/GA Training Group, where Randy meets with like-minded defensive shooters for organized trigger time roughly once a month. Randy also offers customized courses and consulting work for church security teams. Beyond Harris Combative, Randy also teaches with Suarez International, and the Suarez

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