Testimonials from Colleagues

Gabe Suarez
Suarez International

I have been training with Randy Harris for 15 years. Randy is the quintessential martial artist and superlative pistolero. He is great at integrating aspects of every discipline into a solid cohesive system of self-defense at any distance interval. Randy is also a gifted teacher and eloquent writer. If one was to make a list for serious students of "Men to train with," Randy Harris would not only be on that list, but very near the top.

Tom Givens

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Randy for over a decade. Over those years he has attended numerous high-level courses with Rangemaster as well as with other schools, journeyed to the NTI with me, and presented at the Tactical Conference. His quiet, humble manner belies a fierce commitment to personal excellence and a high degree of skill. Recommended!

Tom Sotis
AMOK! Global

In the last 20 years of teaching knifework I have worked with quite a few shooters, and among them, only a percentage of gunfighters, because of lot of guys shoot great but otherwise don’t fight well. It has always been a pleasure working together with Randy Harris. Based on his functional skill across weapons platforms with guns, knives, sticks, and empty hands Randy stands out among the gunfighters. Above and beyond that, Randy makes a serious study of Methods of Integrating Skill and other concepts of superior coaching to improve his craft as an instructor. Anyone seeking to become fighting-functional for self-protection will be hard pressed to find anyone with Randy’s superior qualities.

Craig Douglas

I've had the pleasure of knowing Randy Harris now for about 12 years. He has trained with me several times, so I've been able to observe him in a training environment quite a bit. Randy is truly a Student of the Art. He has always asked great questions, taken instruction well, and performed at a very high level in Force on Force exercises that are ambiguous and require sound judgement across the spectrum of problem solving. He is also an avid competitor and shoots technically at a very high level. He has also been mentored in an organization as an instructor teaching their curriculum for at least a decade. Unlike many emerging in the field of private sector firearms training, Randy has taken the long road to legitimacy. He has done due diligence, trained broad and deep, and learned how to teach from an established organization, and has done so for ten years. It pleases me to support Randy and his brand, and I can recommend him without reservation as someone who will always impart an informed opinion. I wish him the best of luck in this new phase of his career.

Gabe White
Gabe White Training

I had long known Randy Harris by his excellent reputation in the shooting and training community, but until I got to spend two days on the range with him in my class, I didn't realize how outstanding he really is. Not only is he one of the first two people to earn a Turbo Pin shooting from a strong side holster, it was IWB and concealed under a closed-front shirt too. He moved very quickly, had extremely rapid hand speed, and it was amazing to me just how much agreement we had on the nuances of skills and tactics, even having come from different training backgrounds. Simply excellent!

Dennis Martin
CQB Services

One of the joys of being a travelling instructor is in meeting new friends. Randy attended a one-day Combatives class we held in Georgia and it was quickly apparent that he was totally at home with the material. Randy is, of course, an instructor in his own right, and to me, it is the mark of a true professional that he keeps on learning, keeps on training and continually seeks knowledge. We had lunch together and exchanged ideas about training concepts and kit. From his skill and his attitude, he came across as a gentleman it would be a delight to train with.

Ronnie Dodd (RIP)

Rogers Shooting School and Dodd and Associates Training

I have known Randy for more years than either of us want to admit.  In that time I have had the pleasure of shooting with Randy in multiple competitions, and observed him as an Instructor on numerous occasions. He completes both admirably and aggressively.  I was fortunate enough that he attended one of my 3-Day Rogers Reactive Courses, and easily shot an advanced score, not an easy task. I have no qualms about recommending Randy as an instructor. And a friend.

John Hearne

Two Pillars Training

I’ve known Randy for more years than I care to admit. I’ve trained with Randy, taken classes from him, and attended National shooting events with him. His skill, study, and dedication to the art of self-defense, regardless of tool, is undeniable and always impressive.

Dave Spaulding 

Handgun Combatives


“Randy, brother, I’d go through the door with you any day.”

Dave Spaulding May 3 2015  Critical Space Pistol class Dayton TN

William Aprill (RIP)

Aprill Risk Consulting


“We’d much rather have Randy inside our tent peeing out than outside our tent peeing in”

 Jan 10 2015  Establishing A Dominance Paradigm class Shawnee OK

Paul Gomez (RIP)
Gomez Training

Of all of the Suarez affiliates, Randy is easily the most accomplished that I've met. Folks will get a lot out of this.