Defensive Knife (April 2019)


I’ve got another Defensive Knife course coming up with Suarez International. The course description is below. If interested, just post a comment and let me know, or follow this link to read more details and register on the Suarez International website. 

This course presents a compressed version of our two day Defensive Knife program. You will learn knife grips, angles of attack and defense, ballistic cutting and thrusting tactics, use of the live hand, footwork concepts, dynamic training drills and exercises to develop spontaneous and unplanned reactions. We will dispel the commonly held myths of the knife and leave you with a respect and a skill-set for this close range weapon that equals or surpasses your skill with the CCW pistol and allows you to begin integrating the knife and the gun.

Bring a carry knife, and a dull trainer facsimile of it.