Why You Should Come to The Next Harris Combative Strategies Training Group


Why You Should Come to The Next Harris Combative Strategies Training Group


A lot of us want to train, but we make up reasons for not doing so. Many believe they cannot afford it. Others feel as if they don’t have the spare time. Nearly everyone who hasn’t trained is held back by the feeling that they just aren’t ready. So, they just never seem to take that first step.

What if I told you there was an opportunity for you to train once a month, in your local area, at a price you can afford? Also, what if you knew you would be welcomed no matter what your skill level is? What if the only prerequisites were the ability to follow the four rules of gun safety and a dedication to improving?

The biggest obstacle to becoming a better shooter is taking that first step. It takes courage to try new things with new people. In a world that is becoming increasingly dangerous by the day, the need to make that step is growing more urgent.

So, why should you become a part of the Harris Combative Strategies training group? Below are ten great reasons for you to start getting better instead of just getting by.

1) An experienced trainer will guide you through drills and scenarios designed to help you identify strength and weaknesses working with different weapons and will give you tips on how to improve.

2) You will be among people like you who started out just like you. They want to help you improve as others helped them.

3) This is not the military. The experience is more like a day at the range with talented friends helping each other become better shooters.

4) Training will be tailored for each individual on the line. You proceed at a pace you are comfortable with.

5) Much of the shooting you will do is not the type you can do on a typical day at the gun range. You will shoot moving in different directions at different targets at different distances.

6) You train with your firearms. You reload with your magazines. You find out how your gear works and what needs improvement. You will also see what others are using and get an honest assessment of how well their gear works for them.

7) Round counts are relatively low, and costs are kept to a minimum.

8) Training group usually meets one Saturday a month, but there is no obligation to attend every session. Instruction starts around 9:00 AM and you will be home in time for dinner.

9) Did I mention lunch? We usually head off to a local restaurant to enjoy some good food and great conversation with people who share your passion for shooting. Breaking bread with your tribe is an incredible experience.

10) You are going to walk away with a smile on your face and a better understanding of where you are as a shooter and what you need to do to improve. You will also start counting the days until the next training group session. Interested? If so, the first step is to contact Randy Harris at [email protected] . Randy can talk with you about what your goals are, the equipment you have, and answer any questions you may have.

Making that first step is hard to do. Just know that you won’t regret stepping out of your comfort zone and starting down the road to being a better shooter. You might even have some fun along the way!